Penn State launches Advocate Penn State initiative

New effort seeks to encourage Penn Staters to make their voices heard with elected officials

Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State has launched a University-wide advocacy initiative that encourages Penn State supporters across the Commonwealth and beyond to share their stories with elected officials and advocate for Penn State. 

The goal of Advocate Penn State is to help all Penn Staters speak out about what the University means to them. Advocates can learn more about Penn State, its legislative goals and how to speak to elected officials while helping to improve the University community. The initiative, which builds on the work of the Alumni Association, is housed in the Office of Government and Community Relations. 

Anyone who has a connection with the University is encouraged to be a part of Advocate Penn State. Learn more about being a Penn State advocate at or by following @AdvocatePennState on Facebook or @AdvocateState on Twitter. 

“With Advocate Penn State, we want to harness the passion so many people have for the University and have their voices heard by elected officials,” said Zack Moore, vice president of Government and Community Relations. “Think of Advocate Penn State as a megaphone that you’ll share with thousands and thousands of fellow Penn Staters.The more supporters who step up and share their stories, the more effective we will be in making sure that our University continues to grow and thrive.” 

Advocate Penn State is made up of students, alumni, faculty and staff, parents and families, and fans. “We try to make being an advocate for Penn State as simple as possible,” said Moore. “Anyone who cares about Penn State can become an advocate in just a couple of minutes. We provide talking points, tips, and opportunities so our advocates can share their own stories about Penn State and the impact the University has had on them, their families, and their communities.” 

The initiative has a strong foundation with thousands of advocates across the globe and strives to increase its numbers. “There are over 358,000 alumni living in the Commonwealth alone,” said Moore. “That, combined with nearly 40,000 Penn State employees and close to 100,000 students across all the campuses leaves us with no shortage of people who can speak out. We’d love to see many more Penn Staters get involved in supporting our University.”

Advocacy efforts by the University community have proven invaluable over the years. In 2017 encouragement by thousands of Penn State advocates helped end a prolonged budget impasse and secure necessary University funding. Again in 2018, advocacy efforts resulted in a 3 percent funding increase, which allowed the University to freeze tuition for in-state students.

Advocate Penn State includes student efforts through the University-affiliated student organization Lion Caucus. “Lion Caucus is a critical component of our broad-based advocacy efforts. Students are one of our greatest advocacy assets, and Lion Caucus will help connect students to Advocate Penn State,” said Moore. 

Last Updated January 17, 2019