Information Technology

Tech checklist for Penn State's return to campus

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – After many months of working and studying from home, Penn Staters are gearing up for this fall’s return to campus. To help the transition go smoothly, information technology teams across the University have collaborated on the following checklist.


  • Take a photo of your devices and accessories (cable connections, locations, etc.) while they’re plugged in at home. Use the photo as reference when setting up back on campus.
  • Pack up all cables, power adapters, cords, and other accessories you took home. You'll need them to set up your technology on campus.  
  • Reconnect devices to the network that you put "away" during the remote period. Install system and application updates so they function as expected. 
  • Check batteries in equipment that was left on campus; install fresh ones as needed. 

ID card, swipe card access, and keys    

  • Remember your keys and/or ID card.  
  • If your swipe card isn’t working or you don’t have access to the appropriate locations, contact your facilities coordinator for assistance.   

Local IT support 

  • If you do not know how to contact your local IT support, visit “Get Support” and select your location.  
  • Local IT support can help with many questions, including: 

            o   Technology setup   

            o   Network connection issues (Ethernet, ports, etc.)  

            o   Printing on campus (you may need to change your printer's ink cartridge) 

Office phone  

  • If you forwarded your desk phone or main office number to another device while working remotely, turn off the call forwarding when you return to campus.  

Research-specific Information  

Technology in classrooms/other spaces  

  • Technology may have changed in classrooms and other spaces during the remote period. Schedule time to visit these places before you need them to be sure you are familiar with any new functionality.  

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) 

Virtual Private Network (VPN)  

  • Penn State moved to the GlobalProtect VPN during the remote period. Software has been pushed out to most Penn State-owned devices.  
  • Setup may be necessary if you will use the VPN on a personal device. Global Protect (VPN) Overview explains what it is and how to get it. 

Wireless setup   

  • Penn State wireless changed during the remote work period. You may need to set up your devices again. Refer to Connecting to Penn State Wireless for details.  

For assistance with questions not answered here, contact the IT Service Desk via the Help Portal

Last Updated August 11, 2021