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Lunchtime lecture series on academic advising to begin Jan. 20

Every semester, the Division of Undergraduate Studies holds lunchtime presentations for the Penn State community featuring academic advising topics. These lunch-and-learn sessions take place on the University Park campus and provide opportunities for professional development, networking and advising discussions. The sessions will be held from noon to 1 p.m. in room 110 of the Henderson Building, on Jan. 20, Feb. 2, and March 1. All interested faculty and staff members are welcome to attendand may bring lunch to eat during the presentations.

-- “Summer Sessions: Advising Issues and Best Practices” will be held on Thursday, Jan. 20. Yvonne Gaudelius, assistant vice president and associate dean for Undergraduate Education; Melissa Kunes, senior director in the Office of Student Aid; and Karen Schultz, university registrar, will facilitate a discussion about summer session advising issues.

For example, what information should an adviser provide to help students determine their best options (campus location, another school, or no summer school)? What should advisers say about costs and financial aid? What are the nonfinancial issues students should consider (for example, the potential for earning money or getting experience through work or volunteer activities)? How can advisers learn about special academic opportunities available in the summer?

-- “Utilizing ‘Helping Profession’ (Counseling) Skills in Advising” will be offered on Wednesday, Feb. 2. This session will provide an opportunity to reflect on individual skills, ideas and thoughts related to helping skills for advisers. Rachel D. Andrews, advising program coordinator for premedicine and science programs in the Eberly College of Science, will share skills that can be applied in our work with students, parents and other college administrators. These skills are as useful and significant in personal relationships as they are in professional connections and work places.

-- “Advising for Global Citizenship” will be offered March 1. Elena Galinova, coordinator of the Division of Undergraduate Studies’ Think Global Program, will present the new global citizenship advising curriculum and discuss the relevance of this topic for students in any major. Attendees will learn how to help students grow as citizens in an ever-expanding and interconnected society and discuss some of the global resources, organizations and opportunities that students can begin to explore and integrate into their academic experience.

For further details about the seminars, contact Laura Brown at 814-865-7576 or

Last Updated November 04, 2021