Military kids connect through summer camps

For the child who has a parent serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, being left behind can take a huge emotional toll, especially if the family lives in an area without a lot of other military kids to connect with. That’s where 4-H’s Operation: Military Kids comes in. The program, which creates opportunities to bring military children together for support and friendship, is co-sponsoring three camps this summer for Pennsylvania military-dependent youth.

The camps are offered in conjunction with the Pennsylvania National Guard Child and Youth Program and the American Legion Auxiliary.

Warrior Teen Weekend, June 24–27 in Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., will allow 25 youth aged 13 to 17 to explore training facilities used by Pennsylvania’s National Guardsmen, tour the Gettysburg National Battlefield and develop a video about what it’s like to be a military kid.

OMK Hero Camp, July 18–24 in Camp Outdoor Odyssey in Boswell, Pa., is a day camp that will allow 100 children aged 8 to 12 to participate in adventure team-building activities as well as traditional camp activities.

Teen Odyssey Week, July 18–24 in Camp Outdoor Odyssey, Boswell, Pa., is seven-day/six-night experience for 50 selected youth ages 13 to 17 who desire to work on leadership and team-building skills. In addition to traditional camp activities and leadership courses, participants will develop a video about what it’s like to be a military kid.

Children from all branches of military services can apply; those with a deployed parent will be given first opportunity to attend camp. Visit http://www.dmva.state.pa.us and go to “Featured Topics” for registration information, applications, and camp forms, or call 717-861-6289.

Operation: Military Kids is a partnership of Army Child, Youth and School Services, National 4-H Headquarters/USDA, and Penn State University Cooperative Extension. Operation: Military Kids–Pennsylvania is supported by the 4-H/Army Youth Development Project under Kansas State University special project number 2007-48661-03868.


Camps offer team-building activities. Credit: Operation: Military KidsAll Rights Reserved.

Last Updated November 19, 2010