Penn State president to discuss weight loss surgery

University Park, Pa. -- Many Americans are fighting the battle of the bulge. Some experts say obesity has reached epidemic proportions and they say there are many options to solve the problem of overeating. Some adults are turning to weight loss surgery, a surgical procedure that decreases the size of the stomach and reduces food intake. Penn State President Graham Spanier and his guests, Dr. Ann Rogers and Dr. Jan Ulbrecht, will discuss weight loss surgery on the upcoming edition of  "To The Best Of My Knowledge." 

The live call-in program airs at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 17, on WPSU-TV and WPSU-FM. It also airs on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN).

Rogers is the director of the Penn State Surgical Weight Loss Program at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Rogers provides patient services in weight loss surgery, revisional bariatric surgery, and minimally invasive general surgery.

Ulbrecht is a professor of biobehavioral health and medicine, and co-director of Penn State’s Institute for Diabetes and Obesity. Ulbrecht focuses his research on the complications and treatment of diabetes.

Viewers and listeners may join the conversation with questions or comments by calling 800-543-8242 or sending an e-mail to response@psu.edu during the broadcast.

A monthly feature on WPSU-TV and WPSU-FM, "To the Best of My Knowledge" features Penn State faculty, local experts and national guests in discussions on a variety of topics. In its 10th year of production, the program reaches viewers, Web users and listeners and allows the audience to communicate directly with Penn State's president.
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Last Updated November 17, 2009