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Loan of excavator to benefit heavy-equipment instruction

From left, students Bodie J. Kaufman, of Montoursville; Derek Hofmann, of Marion, New York (in cab); Daniel L. Jackson, of Phoenixville; and Graham Wiand, of Mifflinburg, all of whom are enrolled in the heavy construction equipment technology: operator emphasis major at Pennsylvania College of Technology, are among those with instructional access to a Komatsu PC210LCi intelligent machine control excavator as part of an entrustment agreement with the company. Credit: Penn College / Penn StateCreative Commons

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – Komatsu is once again providing Pennsylvania College of Technology with an excavator for instructional use at the college’s 125-acre heavy equipment operations site in Brady Township.

The like-new unit – a Komatsu PC210LCi intelligent machine control excavator, featuring onboard GPS guidance – is being provided as part of an entrustment agreement with Komatsu. The company has entrusted similar equipment to Penn College since 2019.

The agreement allows approximately 40 students in the college’s heavy construction equipment technology: operator emphasis major to gain valuable experience on state-of-the-art equipment commonly found in industry.

The students will learn how to safely operate the unit, excavate trenches and load trucks. Additionally, the excavator will be available to heavy construction equipment technology: technician emphasis students in the fall semester.

“Komatsu has helped to enhance our curriculum and the student experience for several years,” said Ryan W. Peck, instructor of diesel equipment technology. “We appreciate the support of the company and the opportunity it provides our students to gain skill on varied technology, which makes them better operators in industry.”

“We are grateful for the continued partnership with Komatsu,” added Elizabeth A. Biddle, the college’s director of corporate relations. “Their commitment to hands-on technology education will help our operators gain the desired skills on Komatsu technology, building a stronger workforce for those companies that recruit. Additionally, this helps provide brand awareness for our heavy equipment technician students when they use the equipment for learning purposes.”

“We are pleased to partner with Penn College once again through an equipment entrustment, said David Eister, director of training for Komatsu. “The strength of the Penn College curriculum is what our customers need and want when they recruit operators, and the brand awareness is vital for heavy equipment technician recruitment. Providing this type of equipment benefits Penn College, Komatsu and our customers.”

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Last Updated August 25, 2021