'Ask the Experts' offers summary of COVID-19 vaccine policy, regulation

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The latest episode in the “Ask the Experts” series features Dennis Scanlon speaking with Will Bleser to explore the recent COVID-19 vaccine candidates. In these segments Scanlon and Bleser discuss vaccine regulation in the United States, ethical issues in distributing a limited vaccine supply, and what this means for the future of vaccine development. 

In the “Ask the Experts” video series, produced by the Center for Health Care and Policy Research (CHCPR) at Penn State, leaders in the industry share their perspectives on key topics affecting health care delivery and policy. The series is designed to reveal where and how important policy and practice topics intersect, and highlight ways in which research can advance that integration.

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Bleser is a managing associate for payment reform and population health at the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. He holds a doctorate jointly in health policy and administration and demography from Penn State. Bleser’s research interests focus on health research programs, and policy of preventive health services, especially vaccination and infectious disease and social causes of health and health services use.

Dennis Scanlon, distinguished professor of health policy and administration and director of CHCPR in the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State, interviews the guests on “Ask the Experts” series. Scanlon’s research focuses on understanding the role of measurement, incentives, quality improvement, and individual and organizational behavior change for improving important health care outcomes, including clinical quality, patient experience and economic efficiency. 

The mission of CHCPR is to create and disseminate new scientific knowledge that will help private and public decision-makers to develop cost effective services and programs that improve people's health. CHCPR helps researchers interested in all aspects of health services and health care improvement find funding, develop quality research designs, collect and analyze data, and disseminate findings to the right audiences.

Last Updated December 08, 2020