Center for Global Studies presents faculty, students with awards

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Center for Global Studies (CGS) recently awarded $131,014 to faculty and students whose work advances research, studies and projects in global studies. These awards are intended to encourage Penn State faculty and students to engage in cross-disciplinary teaching, outreach and research that will allow for sustained and engaged dialogues on issues of vital importance to understanding key global issues facing all regions across the world.

The 2019 CGS Faculty Career Development Award

The CGS awarded $18,200 to support the professional development of tenured and tenure track faculty through international research and travel. This award was presented to Ebony Coletu, assistant professor of English and African American studies; Alicia Decker, associate professor of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and African studies; Luke Glowacki, assistant professor of anthropology; Shuang Shen, associate professor of comparative literature and Asian studies; Maria Truglio, associate professor of Italian and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; Peter Heaney, professor of geosciences; Jennifer Macalady, associate professor of geosciences; and Yubraj Acharya, assistant professor of health policy and administration, and demography.

The 2019 CGS Graduate Career Development Award

The CGS also awarded $9,687 to support the professional development of liberal arts doctoral students. This award was presented to Ivana Ancic (comparative literature); Bianca Gentil (anthropology); Merve Tabur (comparative literature); and Vieux Touré (French and Francophone studies).

Summer 2019 Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships assist graduate and undergraduate students in achieving competency in select foreign languages and conducting research in related international and area studies. The FLAS Fellowships are authorized under Title VI of the Higher Education Act and are administered by the U.S. Department of Education. A total of $101,127 was awarded towards tuition/fees and stipend for intensive foreign language study in the U.S. or abroad.

Graduate awardees listed with FLAS language and major(s) in parentheses include: Eduardo Ramos, Arabic (English) and Ashley Pahis, Portuguese (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and hispanic linguistics).

Undergraduate awardees listed with language and major(s) in parentheses include: Madison Heffelfinger, Arabic (French); Jacob Lineaweaver, Chinese (mathematics); Amanda Talbot, Portuguese (Spanish and Italian); William Baumgardner, Russian (Russian and international politics); Vanessa Dionicio, Russian (Russian and letters, arts, and sciences); Michael De Luna, Russian (supply chain and information systems); Ethan Ressler (Altoona), Russian (language and major); Luke Murphy, Russian (Russian and economics), Byron Pollo, Russian (Russian and international politics); Nicholas Shea, Russian (economics); Ron Sulla, Russian (finance); and Mikaela Walker, Russian, (Russian and international politics).

Undergraduate Thesis Awards

The CGS awarded a total of $2,000 to four undergraduates who have completed commendable thesis projects that advance a global perspective. These awards are intended not only to recognize the excellent work of students who combine studies in the liberal arts with a concern for global issues, but also to encourage these students in continuing their contributions to the field of global studies.

This award was presented to Katherine Bartuska (international politics and economics), Zachary Adams (political science and master’s in international affairs), Nakul Grover (English and chemical engineering), and Mi Ni Tzou (sociology and communication arts and sciences).

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Last Updated May 07, 2019


  • Sarah Lyall-Combs, Assistant Director, Center for Global Studies