Musicology faculty member publishes book on Beethoven

Mark Ferraguto, associate professor of musicology at Penn State, is the author of "Beethoven 1806," a new book recently published by Oxford University Press. 

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The work examines a pivotal moment in German composer Ludwig van Beethoven’s career through the lens of microhistory, bringing little-known primary sources to light, including contemporary writings, scores and iconography. The book provides analysis of Beethoven’s instrumental music from the perspective of his relationships with people, instruments and ideas. Ferraguto makes the argument that understanding of Beethoven’s music from this period depends on appreciating the relationships that it both creates and reflects.

Ferraguto teaches undergraduate and graduate music history. His research areas include the music and culture of 18th- and early 19th-century Europe, historical performance practices, and music and politics. 

Last Updated September 25, 2019