Research magazine photo contest seeks entries

The most recent “At Large” winner was shot by ecologist Braulio Assis, a doctoral student in Tracy Langkilde’s lab, in Hilham, Tennessee. He spotted this male eastern fence lizard lifting up to keep a close eye on a potential meal flying by. The patches of blue on the lizard’s belly and throat are usually visible only during contests with other males and courtship displays to females. The photo appears in the current issue of Research/Penn State magazine, which is available around campus this week.  Credit: Braulio Assis/Langkilde LabAll Rights Reserved.

The staff of “Research|Penn State” magazine announces a contest to find a superb research-related image to be published on its “At Large” pages in the Fall 2018 issue. The winning photographer will receive a high-quality print of the image, suitable for framing.

Deadline for submission is Monday, July 9, 2018. Submitted images must relate to research being conducted by someone at Penn State (any campus) and be visually compelling.

A submitted photo:

·      must be a strong horizontal so it can completely fill a two-page spread.

·      must be available at high resolution, at least 300 dpi at a size of 11” x 17”. Keep this in mind as you shoot, especially through microscopes.

·      can be a scenic, close-up, or micrograph; realistic or abstract; color; black and white, or colorized. Archival shots will also be considered. Previous winners can be seen here, here, and here.

·      can include a person in the scene, but portraits will not be considered.

You may submit more than one image, but please be selective; do not send a link to an entire collection of images and expect us to look through them.

Please send your entry to Cherie Winner at Provide basic information about the image, such as where it was shot, by whom, and what research it relates to.

"Research|Penn" State is a biennial publication with a circulation of more than 32,000, covering research and creative activity at the University.


Last Updated May 04, 2018