Sim lab gives students lifelike experience in fighting terrorism

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- There's no shortage of information in our connected, computerized world. But more information does not necessarily lead to better intelligence and smarter decisions. Penn State's Red Cell Analytics Lab trains the next generation of analysts to turn data and information into intelligence through real-world training scenarios and cutting-edge technology.

The lab, part of the College of Information Sciences and Technology, gives students hands-on experience in intelligence operations ranging from deciphering the next movements of an insurgent group to responding effectively to a natural disaster.

It seems like something out of the Fox hit series "24", but there are no consequences for mistakes made. The Red Cell Lab is located in Penn State's College of Information Science and Technology and is training the information analysts of tomorrow. 

As recent events such as Arab Spring have shown, social networking and mobile communication technology play a more important role in delivering information. Red Cell students also learn how to both use social and mobile technologies to both monitor and direct intelligence operations.

Col. Jake Graham, professor of practice in information sciences and technology, who retired from the U.S. Marine Corps, leads the laboratory.

In this video, students discuss what it takes to analyze and respond effectively to a disaster scenario.

Last Updated July 29, 2017