Water event to promote collaboration, networking among researchers, staff

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State’s Water Council will hold an online event for individuals who are interested in learning about water events and meeting other water faculty and professional staff. The event, titled "Penn State Water: A New Year Celebration," will occur from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1. Per the United States Geological Survey calendar, Oct. 1 is the Water New Year.

All faculty members and professional staff from all campuses are welcome to attend. Registration is required.

“Penn State’s strength in water-related disciplines — its breadth and depth of expertise — also brings a challenge to staying connected,” said Ken Davis, co-chair of the Water Council. “We must invest ourselves in creating and maintaining a Penn State Water Community that can serve as a source of collaboration and inspiration.”

In addition, the event will feature opportunities to socialize and network with colleagues working on research, education and outreach in the natural and social sciences, engineering, law and policy, and the arts and humanities.

“Twisting a metaphor, no one working on water is an island,” said Andrew Warner, director of the Water Initiative at Penn State. “Water connects us all, and achieving lasting and truly sustainable water solutions requires diverse collaborations across engineering, natural, social and health sciences, law and policy, emerging technologies and the arts and humanities. Our richness is our diversity and how it manifests through education, research and service.”

Penn State’s Water Initiative is supported by the Institutes of Energy and the Environment. It works to protect public health and the environment; advance resilient communities on a dynamic Earth; drive innovation; and guide social action, policy and corporate transformation. In addition to these four areas of emphasis, the initiative is further advancing the University’s land-grant mission through actions on two foundational pillars: transforming water education and student opportunities; and engaging people, communities and partner institutions.

Last Updated September 21, 2020