College Profile: Cheyenne Swartz

Name: Cheyenne Swartz
Title: Administrative Support Assistant
Department: Advising & Certification Center
Phone: 814-865-0488
Office Address: 228 Chambers Building
Directory entry:

Swartz is the first point of contact for the College of Education’s Advising and Certification Center. As an administrative support assistant, she is responsible for interacting with prospective and current students via email, phone, and face to face, as well as making adviser appointments and assisting with correspondence. She also schedules and sends correspondence regarding prospective student visits to the College of Education. Swartz assists with assigning students to the right academic adviser for their major and updating the student listserv. She also serves as the website representative for the center and helps with certification and verification forms.

Cheyenne Swartz, administrative support assistant for the Advising and Certification Center in the College of Education. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated August 22, 2018