Memorial Gateway at Allen Street leads to Penn State campus

If we could take a historical stroll on the University Park campus of 1910, we'd probably start at the corner of College Avenue and Allen Street. Here we'd first see the two lions perched atop the gates at the mall, which was formerly a through street onto campus. The original stone pillars were purchased from the St. Louis Exposition in 1904 and were topped with statues of two lions holding shields. Dubbed “Ma” and “Pa” lion by students, they became two of the most popular landmarks on campus. The lions were removed in 1930 when an iron grill was added to the gates.

A gift from the Class of 1916, the Memorial Gateway at Allen Street and College Avenue acts as a corridor between downtown State College and campus. Construction on the gateway was started shortly after the commencement of 1916 at what was then the main campus entrance. The gateway into town is meant to symbolize the transition from college life to the “real world.”

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The Information Sciences and Technology Building's bridge now leads into the campus core, with the stone pillars at Burrowes Road marking the entrance to Pollock Road from the west. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated September 12, 2011