Warm weather causes strain on power grid

University Park, Pa. -- The unseasonably warm weather has put a strain on the region's electrical grid. There is a possibility of a mandatory reduction in electricity use will be issued. If that happens, Penn State will be given a two-hour window in which to comply with the required reduction.

To avoid mandatory cutbacks, everyone should reduce their electrical use immediately and continue to conserve electricity through Friday night.

The Office of Physical Plant suggests the following electricity reduction actions:

-- Shut off all unneeded office equipment and lights. Equipment should include computers, monitors, printers, copiers, coffee makers and task lighting.

-- Unplug iPod, digital camera and phone chargers when not in use.

-- Reduce water usage since water is pumped into Penn State's storage tanks with electricity.

-- Use window blinds appropriately for cooling.

-- Keep exterior doors closed in air-conditioned buildings. Make sure operable windows also are closed.

If required, Penn State University Park will transfer some of its electric load to a generator to reduce strain on the electrical grid. When this happens, there will be a momentary power bump that may affect equipment that is not being fed from an uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

Last Updated September 23, 2010