Weekly Wrap: Call to action; Proclamation reaction; Old Main open house

A look back at the top stories for the week of Sept. 24

Anjel Helms, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Entomology, talks with a family about gall insects — plant parasites that cause abnormal growth in their hosts during the annual Great Insect Fair on Sept. 23 in the Snider Agricultural Arena. The popular free event featured a number of hands-on educational exhibits, including a butterfly tent, insect zoo and honey tasting. Credit: Curtis Chan / Penn StateCreative Commons

This week's top stories from across Penn State:

CALL TO ACTION: Penn State President Eric Barron is asking the University community to write to their legislators in light of the extended state budget stalemate in Harrisburg.

PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATION: The University is examining the impact of a recent proclamation by President Donald Trump that will add new procedures for visitors to the United State from eight countries.

'ALL IN' COMMEMORATION: Second-year architecture students used the completed plans for the "All In" Commemorative Piece, along with lots of string and balloons, to learn how to stake out a location and translate drawings to the actual building site outside Old Main.

OPEN HOUSE: The President's Office Open House is set for Oct. 13 in Old Main.

ANXIOUS MOMS: Babies of moms with anxiety spend more time focusing on threats in their environment, according to researchers. In a study, the baby's age didn't affect how long they looked at threats, suggesting a genetic element to how anxiety develops.

EXERCISE IS MEDICINE: Exercise is Medicine Week is set for Oct. 9-13 and will include the opening of the Center for Fitness and Wellness in the Intramural Building.

HURRICANE RELIEF: Penn State Greater Allegheny's Black Student Union has been working to collect items for hurricane relief efforts.

Last Updated September 28, 2017