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Computer Store to close HUB location at end of spring

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Next May, Penn State will close the Computer Store located in the HUB while simultaneously expanding its software licensing division. These steps are being taken to help the University adapt its computer retail services to the current economy, and better meet evolving and strategic information technology needs.

As laptop and computer sales have decreased in stores across the nation, many retailers are closing store locations and broadening product assortment in their online divisions.

"We have similarly determined sales at the Computer Store's HUB location have been decreasing at an unsustainable rate," said Janda Hankinson, director of Entrepreneurial Services within Information Technology Services. "To best meet the needs of students, faculty and staff, the University needs to move away from an economic model that is no longer feasible – and strategically plan for our community's needs in the future."

Toward that end, Penn State will be expanding its software licensing division, which already provides more than 20 software titles at low cost to students, and substantially reduces costs of nearly 250 titles for faculty and staff. It will also continue to make additional products available for purchase via the Computer Store's website at, including a limited selection of hardware and accessories designed to meet targeted University needs.

Penn State's efforts at negotiating a significant range of licensing contracts for the community were identified as one of seven strategic opportunities by the recent IT Assessment initiative, as these contracts have made an extensive amount of software available to students, faculty and staff via the downloads site at, and through the Computer Store’s website. At present, licensing initiatives have saved the University more than $40 Million per year, and these savings are expected to increase with current expansion plans.

Computer Store personnel will be working closely with Penn State's departments, units and offices to help determine their needs and mitigate any possible impact the store closing at the HUB may have on them individually, according to Hankinson.

The store, which has been in operation for nearly 25 years, will provide more detailed updates on the timing of the closing (as well as any related service changes) throughout the spring 2013 semester.

For questions or additional information, contact Hankinson at or 814-863-9520.

Last Updated December 20, 2012