University Park

Heard on Campus: Joel Myers at the Forum

Joel Myers, Penn State trustee and founder of AccuWeather, spoke during the Forum Speaker Series on Oct. 25 at the Nittany Lion Inn Ballroom on Penn State's University Park campus. Credit: Patrick Mansell / Penn StateCreative Commons

“I believe that we will see more changes in higher education -- and all of education -- over the next 10 years than we have seen in nearly the past 1,000 years. Universities have thrived in recent years reaching new heights in enrollment and revenue, however changes in technology, communication, pedagogy, politics, regulation, and the economy and society bring an existential crisis to higher education.”

-- Joel Myers, AccuWeather founder and member of the University Board of Trustees for 31 years, during his talk, "The Digital Revolution: Transforming Higher Education,” today (Oct. 25) at the Penn State Forum Speaker Series in the Nittany Lion Inn. Myers discussed how Penn State can successfully navigate through a changing educational landscape by embracing the latest technology and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity on campus.

Last Updated October 25, 2013