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HRDC course develops risk-aware mindset

University Park, Pa. — Risk affects everyone. Whether it is making huge financial decisions or everyday life choices, evaluating risks and being properly prepared for all possible outcomes increases the chance of success.

That is why Penn State’s Finance & Business Enterprise Risk Management Key Initiative and the Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) teamed up to offer a new course that will provide tools to accurately identify risks and handle them to help increase the chance of success for a project.

“Getting everyone at Penn State to be consciously focused on risks is a top priority for us,” said Gary Langsdale, University risk officer. “Being aware of risks exudes confidence and makes every one a better manager and a better decision maker.”

Once a semester, HDRC will offer “Enterprise Risk Management: Managing Decisions to Minimize Risk” (HDRC program code LDR 201). The class will cover risk management, risk strategies and other topics pertaining to the assessment and evaluation of risk. The next course offering will be from 9 a.m. until noon on Friday, Oct. 24, in 319 Elliot Building.

The course is free to Penn State faculty and staff and it helps create a risk-aware culture that Langsdale said is important for all organizations, whether they are a Fortune 500 company or a public university.

Langsdale and Human Resource Development Associate Diane Brown are the course instructors and will guide attendees through comprehensive and easy-to-digest lessons on risk identification and decision-making.

“This is an important topic for everyone, and Gary’s expertise and natural enthusiasm will keep the course interesting,” said Bob Maney, Office of Human Resources director. “Risk management is not just about insurance policies; it is a dynamic field where remarkable innovations can produce results.”

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Last Updated March 19, 2009