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Human Resource Development Center offering customer service assessment

University Park, Pa. -- Considering today’s financial realities, it’s more important than ever to retain customers by ensuring that they are truly satisfied. Are customer expectations really being met? Does your team have a grasp of how customers’ perceive the quality of programs and services? Customers differ in their expectations, perceptions, and needs. A true understanding of the service your unit provides is critical for strategic customer-focused planning and decision making.
Penn State's Human Resource Development Center uses both quantitative and qualitative data to help teams to further improve your customers’ satisfaction. Take advantage of this data-driven approach for prioritizing improvements.

Contact HRDC and we will:

-- Work with you to develop a customized project plan.
-- Assess the unit’s current level of customer service through formal and informal assessments that may include observation, surveys, and/or focus groups.
-- Summarize the unit’s current level of customer service, both verbally and in a written report.
-- Provide options for possible next steps, including written recommendations.

To begin the assessment process, we engage your team in strategic conversations to explore current and desired levels of customer service.  During the assessment process, we also gather relevant data directly from your customers. These efforts may include the use of such tools as observation, surveys, and focus groups.
Once data are collected, HRDC prepares a comprehensive report which highlights the unit’s strengths and areas of opportunity. HRDC also offers options for possible next steps, including written recommendations for training, facilitated discussions, consulting, and/or coaching services to bridge the gap between the unit’s current and desired level of customer service.
As an objective third-party, we can gain the extra level of understanding and insight into the unit’s customer interactions and how the team might meet its service standards even more effectively. Armed with this insight, the team will be in a better position to make decisions and build longer term, more mutually beneficial relationships with its customers. As a result, the unit may experience more satisfied customers, increased profitability, higher productivity, and happier employees.
To request additional information, please contact Brynn Rousselin, HRD Associate, at or (814) 865-5907 in the Human Resource Development Center.

Last Updated May 07, 2009