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Improvements coming to the Nittany Lion Inn

University Park, Pa. -- Renovations are under way in the lobby of the Nittany Lion Inn on Penn State's University Park campus in a project that will serve to enhance the guest experience of the hotel. Services will be unaffected during the renovations. A temporary entrance to the existing front desk area is in place. The original entrance off of Curtin Road is unaffected by the renovation work and will be available throughout the project.

The renovations to the lobby will include additional and more comfortable seating areas. A working fireplace will add to the ambience of the room, and while the front desk will be reduced in scale, a workstation will be added to allow guests to check in and out more efficiently.  A wheelchair-accessible registration area also will be added, along with additional storage for luggage and carts.  And yes, the complimentary apples will stay, says Jim Purdum, general manager of Hospitality Services for Penn State.

"The project is intended to create a much more gracious entrance for the Inn while improving the efficiency of our front office operations," Purdum said.

Ongoing guest room renovations will not involve construction, so they won't be disruptive to guests. Carpet, wall coverings, fabrics, furnishings and decor will be replaced in targeted rooms, and flat-screen televisions will be installed in all 223 rooms.

"All of this is part of the process of maintaining a quality hotel," Purdum said. "Through the years we have invested in upgrades to keep The Nittany Lion Inn and The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel current and comfortable and to enhance our guest services. The lobby project will be quite visible throughout the summer and we anticipate only minimal impact on daily operations. The end result will be a lasting improvement for visitors to Penn State for years to come.”

The renovations are expected to be completed on Sept. 18.

This image shows an artist's rendering of the planned rennovations to the lobby. Click on the picture for a larger image. Credit: Penn State Hospitality ServicesAll Rights Reserved.

Last Updated November 18, 2010