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Vehicle/pedestrian study FAQs

  1. When will the traffic/pedestrian study take place?

The study will begin the week of Oct. 2 and will wrap up in January 2018.

  1. What will the survey team be measuring?

The survey team, comprised of Pennoni Associates, Inc. (PAI) and their sub-consultant, Tri-State Data, Inc., will be setting up traffic counts at 137 campus intersections and mid-block pedestrian crossings. In addition, PAI staff will be on campus surveying more than 320 pedestrian crossings to gather data on accessibility and ramps, curbing, pavement markings, lighting and other details. PAI staff will photograph pedestrian crossings.

  1. How will the traffic data be collected?

Miovision Scout Video Collection Units (VCU) are portable cameras used for capturing traffic video. It can be used for both directional turning movement counts at intersections and mid-block traffic counts. The units are capable of classification of cars, trucks, pedestrians and cyclists. The collected data is then run through a software analysis tool.

  1. Where will the survey equipment be located?

The survey equipment will be dispatched at various times to a total of 137 campus locations, specifically intersections and mid-block pedestrian crossings. The focus is on roadways and service roads. The units will be anchored to secure campus elements adjacent to the count locations, such as light fixtures and signage. The units will not impact pedestrian, vehicle or bicycle traffic.

A complete list of locations is available for review.

  1. How will the results of the survey be used by Office of Physical Plant?

The goal of the survey is to provide a comprehensive look at vehicle and pedestrian traffic across campus in an effort to make improvements to enhance safety and increase consistency. The information gathered will be used to allow for data-driven decision making in future construction, roadway and sidewalk projects, as well as how to better manage pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic across campus on a daily basis.

  1. Is this survey required?

This survey is being sponsored by the Office of Physical Plant and is not required.

  1. Will faculty, staff, students or visitors be impacted while the study is occurring?

Faculty, staff, students and visitors should not be impacted during the survey – but they may notice activity surrounding the survey efforts. The results of the study will be used in the future to make informed, data-driven decisions aimed at enhancing safety and increasing consistency at campus intersections and pedestrian crossings.

  1. Is this survey being conducted because of the recent pedestrian accidents on campus?

The University is embarking on this survey to increase safe travel on campus, to find out where enhancements can be made, to provide data for traffic/pedestrian decisions and to increase consistency when decisions are being made that impact pedestrians or motorists. We are looking to make the best decisions for all who travel our sidewalks and roadways.

Last Updated October 03, 2017