This is Penn State

Photoband shows iconic images of Penn State: woman walking down stairs on campus, the Nittany Lion Shrine statue, and the Old Main building.

This is Penn State

Twenty-four campuses; 17,000 faculty and staff; 100,000 students; a teaching hospital with 1 million patient visits a year; over one-half million active alumni; an online World Campus that empowers anyone to pursue an education—anytime, anywhere; and the largest student-run philanthropic organization on the planet.

That's what makes Penn State ... Penn State.

Inspiration meets perspiration ... here. Head meets heart ... here. On our campuses, across our country, around the world.


We teach students that the real measure of success is what you do to improve the lives of others, and they learn to be hard-working leaders with a global perspective. We conduct research to improve lives. We add millions to the economy through projects in our state and beyond. We help communities by sharing our faculty expertise and research.

Penn State lives close by no matter where you are. Our campuses are located from one side of Pennsylvania to the other. Through Penn State World Campus, students can take courses and work toward degrees online from anywhere on the globe that has Internet service.

We support students in many ways, including advising and counseling services for school and life; diversity and inclusion services; social media sites; safety services; and emergency assistance. 

Our network of more than a half-million alumni is accessible to students when they want advice and to learn about job networking and mentor opportunities as well as what to expect in the future. Through our alumni, Penn State lives all over the world.

The best part of Penn State is our people. Our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends in communities near our campuses and across the globe are dedicated to education and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.


As a prospective student, are you looking for a university that balances academic rigor with a student experience rich in opportunities? Look no further.

Your years at Penn State will be an incredibly wonderful time when you’ll meet friends you’ll have for a lifetime. You’ll roll up your sleeves and work hard in your courses. Your efforts will help you succeed in your career and in life.

Out of the classroom? Clubs and organizations range from A to Z, including intramural and varsity sports. Entertainment and cultural events are happening all the time. Every campus is a lively, fun place to be.

The diversity of our students and faculty creates an exciting mix of cultures. And you can discover even more diversity by participating in educational opportunities across the globe.

Your contributions to the world will begin with your Penn State degree. Your experience and knowledge will form a foundation for the life you'll build.  


At Penn State, we follow a set of values to keep everyone consistent in the way we conduct ourselves as we go about living in our campus communities.