Penn State Behind the Scenes

Penn State College of Communications students recently documented stories of University employees who keep the institution humming.

Get ready to share your Penn State story on Thursday, October 23, using #PSU24.

A Penn State Blue Band volunteer fixes a trumpet.

Blue Band Volunteer Dave Cree

Dave Cree fixes a trumpet in his office at the Blue Band Building on Tuesday Oct. 7, 2014. Cree has been a volunteer for the Blue Band for 23 years and was previously the band director at Bellefonte Area High School.

Image: Rebecca Lindenberger

"The assignment was to photograph two separate full-time Penn State employees and how they contribute to Penn State functioning as a university on a daily basis."—Danielle Gallo 

"After completing the project and seeing my classmates' photographs, I realized that the Penn State community has a lot to offer in terms of interesting stories."—Akash Ghai

"I never realized how important captioning is in journalism. But I'm glad that I'm getting the experience to learn to caption my own photographs professionally."—Danielle Gallo

"The class teaches a lot of skills that are essential to photojournalists, including properly collecting information for captions and interacting with strangers."—Ateeq Alhameli

A Berkey Creamery ice cream processor makes pumpkin pie ice cream.

Terry Grove, Ice Cream Processor at Berkey Creamery

Terry Grove, ice cream processor at Berkey Creamery, makes pumpkin pie ice cream on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. Grove is from Lewistown, Pa., and has worked for the Creamery for 8 years. Grove makes hundreds of gallons of ice cream each day and despite vanilla being the most requested by customers, Grove's favorite flavor by far is the classic chocolate chip cookie dough.

Image: Marissa Miller

"In class, we've learned to genuinely care about and respect the subjects we photograph."—Akash Ghai


#PSU24: Share Your Day in the Life on October 23

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