Opening Doors

We are creating opportunities for everyone who is willing to work hard.

This is the heart of who we are, encompassing the Penn State mission, our students, and our efforts to evolve and advance educational opportunities for all segments of society.

To address the financial, academic, and personal challenges that our undergraduates face in earning their degrees, Penn State has created a range of programs that can help students succeed, including initiatives like Achieve Penn State, institutional scholarships, and student aid. Further, our unique education model extends access to our world-class education by allowing anyone the opportunity to attend where, when, and how they want.  


Penn State students are the first in their families to attend college.


of all Penn State undergraduates receive some type of financial aid.


undergraduates are Pell Grant recipients.

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The collaborative pursuit of success

Initiatives like Achieve Penn State provide resources that, regardless of circumstance, enable students to complete their degrees on time, with less debt, and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Learn more about programs like no-cost financial literacy resources, institutional scholarships, summer school, and on-campus employment.

Creating a Better Future

Through access to world-class faculty, research, and entrepreneurial opportunities, read more about how our students and alumni are going beyond the classroom, participating in real-world immersive educational opportunities, receiving hands-on experience, skills, and preparation for life after graduation.

A strong work ethic combined with a Penn State education has led first-generation student Josh Maldonado-Santiago to a world of opportunity and a life of service as a future Air Force officer.

Pairing a motivated mindset with Penn State's entrepreneurial resources allowed former Penn State Lehigh Valley student, Kenneth Keitt, to turn a life-changing accident into a platform for those with disabilities.

Penn State’s approach to community and support helped first-generation student Dhruvi Patel build confidence, seek guidance, and pursue her dream of going to law school.

Unique Education Model

Within 30 miles

There’s a Penn State undergraduate campus within 30 miles of nearly everyone in Pennsylvania. Regardless of campus, professors collaborate to create a cohesive, high-quality curriculum, ensuring consistently exceptional academic experience across all 20 campuses.

Unique Education Model

We'll meet you where you are.

With undergraduate and graduate campuses in twenty-four communities across Pennsylvania and globally online, Penn State’s world-class education is available to meet students where they are.

Unique Education Model

2+2 Plan

Penn State’s 2+2 plan allows students to start at any of our 20 undergraduate campuses for their first two years and they can decide to stay or move to another campus (including University Park) for their final two.