Sylvia Stein Memorial Space Grant Scholarship
Application Form

Application Deadline: April 3, 2006
Notification: May 12, 2006

You may download or print this application and complete it for submission. 


Penn State ID Number:

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Status (e.g. sophomore 4th semester):
Current GPA:
Home/summer address:

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I certify that (initial each):
[Note: If any statement is not initialed, your application will not be considered.]
___ I am a citizen of the United States.
___ I am or will be a full-time undergraduate student during the academic years 2006-2007.
___ If awarded the Sylvia Stein Scholarship, I agree to provide PSGC information about my studies and/or employment on request beyond the term of the award. (This is part of a NASA requirement to track the long range effectiveness of the scholarship program.)

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The following questions are requested solely for statistical purposes. Provision of this information is optional.

Please indicate your predominant ethnic background:

Native American (Indian)___     Alaskan Native___      White American (not Hispanic)___
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Asian American ___Other (specify) ________________
Student with disability(specify)_________________________

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Please submit an original and two copies of the application materials in the following order:
  1. Application form
  2. Letter of recommendation by department or program head
  3. Letter of recommendation from a faculty member or an advisor
  4. Two-page essay of proposed plan of study, proposed career plans, life goals, and how career plans are related to any aspect of NASA's strategic enterprises
  5. Resume including extra-curricular activities, work experience, or community service, evidence of good mentoring skills, awards or scholarships, and local phone number  and  address
  6. A brief description of interest in and ideas for mentoring or education outreach activities.
  7. SAT scores;   College transcripts

Please submit your application to:
Jeanine Emigh
The Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium
Penn State University
2217 Earth-Engineering Sciences Building 
University Park, PA  16802
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