Advancing Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are fundamental to the University’s values and mission to support all members of our Commonwealth and beyond. We strive to assertively incorporate these values into our research, teaching, learning, outreach, assessment, operations, and decision making at all levels of the University.

The following resources and initiatives advance our commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse community—one that is free of discrimination, one that embraces differences, and one that respects all individuals.

The Office of Educational Equity is charged with fostering diversity and inclusion at Penn State and creating a climate of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the University’s faculty, staff, leadership, and student body.

As part of the University-wide strategic plan’s commitment to transformative education, Penn State has established four planning goals related to inclusion, equity, and diversity.

Penn State has established several initiatives to address racism, bias, and community safety while advancing meaningful change.