Bell of the Battleship
U.S.S. Pennsylvania
Bell from the Battleship Pennsylvania

The battleship U.S.S. Pennsylvania, commissioned in 1916, was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, where she received one bomb hit. The Pennsylvania was modernized in 1942 and was the only U.S. battleship to take part in every amphibious operation in the Pacific theatre during World War II. She was hit by a torpedo at Okinawa and was one of only four battleships awarded the navy Unit Commendation. After the war, the Pennsylvania participated as an unmanned target vessel in atomic bomb damage assessment tests at Bikini Atoll and was scuttled in 1948. Penn State received the bell on permanent loan from the Department of the Navy in 1955 and placed it on display in the new HUB courtyard. In 1959, with the opening of Wagner Building, home of the University's ROTC programs, the bell was moved to its current site near the main entrance to that building.

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U.S.S. Pennsylvania in 1916. Note position of bell (at right)