Union Cemetery in Bellefonte
A number of leaders who helped to found Penn State and shape its early development are buried in Bellefonte's Union Cemetery, a 20-minute drive from the University Park campus. Bellefonte, the seat of Centre County, was the region's political, cultural, and economic hub in the nineteenth century. Union Cemetery is located between High and Howard Streets, one block east of the Court House. You can also visit http://bellefonte.com/heritage/cemetery/dbsearch.html to search the Union Cemetery database.

Evan Pugh (1828-1864) and Rebecca Valentine Pugh (1832-1921)

Penn State's first president and his wife are buried in the Valentine family plot. The Valentines were among the town's most prominent and wealthy 19th century families, having interests in iron-making and other commercial enterprises. Evan Pugh and Rebecca Valentine were married on February 4, 1864, but Dr. Pugh--weakened from a carriage accident and overwork--succumbed to typhoid 12 weeks later. Rebecca never re-married and resided in Bellefonte for the remainder of her life.

James Irvin (1800-1862)

Partner with brother-in-law Moses Thompson in Centre Furnace, one of the county's largest cold-blast iron-making operations. Irvin was responsible for Penn State's location, giving 200 acres to have the campus located in Centre County and selling an additional 200 acres below market value.

Hugh Nelson McAllister (1809-1873)

A Bellefonte attorney and a founding member of Penn State's Board of Trustees, McAllister supervised day-today operations during the university's start-up phase. As the architect of the original Old Main, he literally helped get the fledgling institution off the ground. He was James A. Beaver's father-in-law and law partner.

General James A. Beaver (1837-1914)

Beaver was named to Penn State's Board of Trustees upon the death of Hugh McAllister and continued his father-in-law's custom of providing local supervision of the institution's affairs on behalf of the entire Board. He eventually served as board chair for 24 years.