April 25, 1996 Vol. 25 No. 31

$100,000 allocated to replace
storm-damaged landscaping

Penn State plans to celebrate Arbor Day tomorrow by allocating $100,000 over two years to replace storm damaged plantings on the University Park Campus.

"John Joseph, our senior landscape architect, has prepared an initial plan for tree and shrub restoration, which we will divide into four plantings to ensure that we can maintain them as they are taking root," William J. Anderson Jr., assistant vice president for physical plant, said. A variety of trees will be planted on campus to replace the more than 140 trees removed so far and about 10 to 20 shrubs will be replaced in each of the next spring and fall planting seasons.

The Office of Physical Plant is working with the University Tree Commission on actual species selection and location, taking into consideration hardiness, site conditions, tree characteristics, landscape maintenance and preserving the integrity of the campus landscape plan.

The University also plans to replace varieties that are important to teaching. Courses in landscape architecture, horticulture, landscape contracting and other subjects use the campus as a living laboratory.

"We are thrilled that the president has put such high priority on the landscape of our campus," said Mr. Joseph. "These funds will help support the teaching needs of the academic community and ensure that the Penn State campus continues to be a place of beauty and attraction to visitors and prospective students alike for generations to come."

President Graham B. Spanier will announce the $100,000 commitment to the landscape restoration project at the joint Penn State-Borough of State College Arbor Day celebration on Friday, April 26, at the foot of the mall.

The borough is celebrating the 11th straight year of its designation as a "Tree City U.S.A." in recognition for its commitment to the "urban forest." Borough Arborist Alan Sam and Mayor Bill Welch will join Dr. Spanier at the podium to salute the many school children who will also be there to begin their Arbor Day projects.

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