August 15, 1996 Vol. 26 No. 1

Academic calendar
shifts in fall of 1997

Starting with the fall 1997 semester, Penn State's academic year will begin about a week later in August than it currently begins. The change means that students will have more time for wrapping up summer jobs, work/study programs or internships -- or even going on vacation -- before they and their families have to pack their bags for the trek back to State College or other Penn State locations.

Under this permanent change, fall 1997's arrival day for new students will be Aug. 23 and classes will begin on Aug. 27 -- in both cases, six calendar days later than in fall 1996.

"Before we made the decision to push back the start of the academic year, we consulted widely with students, faculty and staff," said John Brighton, executive vice president and provost. "We believe this change will better accommodate the needs of students and their families, by giving them as much time as possible for work, study and family-related activities during the traditional summer months."

Despite the later start, the fall semester will continue to include 15 weeks of classes, followed by two study days and a six-day final examination period.

"Because of the consultation process we went through, we're convinced that the change in the calendar is going to ease the transition from summer to fall as the academic year gears up," Brighton said. "As the new calendar takes effect, we will welcome comments from students, faculty and staff, and other segments of the University community."

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