May 7, 1996 Vol. 25 No. 32

By Doug Stanfield
technology editor

We're going to focus on three things this week: finding stuff on the Web, finding free stuff on the Web and finding out about the "Web-cam";

As anyone who's spent time wading through a forest of truly fascinating personal home pages knows, the real problem is finding what you want in under two hours. The sheer quantity of information makes any kind of search a struggle between duty and distraction.

If this has been a problem, you might want to check out a new search engine called "Starting Point." It's not a stand-alone utility like Yahoo, but instead makes it easy for you to search Yahoo, Alta Vista, InfoSeek, WebCrawler and eight to 10 other search engines, plus has added features that make it a real timesaver.

Starting Point also has links to topical information. The people running this have done a nice job with the design and implementation, and the connection seems to be fast and trouble-free.


Links to free materials

Everything has a price these days, but there are still a few holdouts against the commercial tide now surging through the Web.

One such resource is "Tabitha's Freebies Page." Tabitha has collected links to free sources of Web authoring tools, online contests, games, freeware and shareware, recipes, coupons, catalogs, computer-related items and even one link that takes you to other lists of freebies.

It takes time to sort the candy from the wrapper, and this site is no exception. Also, be careful to check anything you download for viruses. You're on your own.



As the text says when you connect to this site, "Wondering what the weather looks like around the country right now? Select a link below to get a semi-live picture of your favorite city or resort. Using WeatherNet's WeatherCam page, you can travel around the country from your desktop!"

You'll have to try this one for yourself.

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