May 7, 1996 Vol. 25 No. 32

Holy observances
for major world religions

The following listing, compiled in consultation with campus and community religious leaders, specifies holy days of the major world religions for which observance may require a student to depart from the normal routine at the University. Only those holy days which occur when classes are in session are listed:

14-15Rosh Hashana (Jewish)
23Yom Kippur (Jewish)
28-29Sukkot (Jewish)
5-6Shemini Atzeret begins at sundown Oct. 4
and Simchet Torah ends at sundown Oct. 6 (Jewish)
21 (approx.)Dassehra (Hindu)
1All Saints Day (Roman Catholic, Protestant)
10 (approx.)Diwali (Festival of Lights) (Hindu, Sikh)
12Baha'u'llah Birthday (Baha'i)
25Guru Nanak Birthday (Sikh)
6Hanukkah begins at sundown Dec. 5 and ends at
sundown Dec. 13 (Jewish)
8Feast of the Immaculate Conception
(Roman Catholic)
January 1997.
10 (approx.)Ramadan (30 days) (Islam)
February 1997.
9Idul-Fitr (Islam)
12Ash Wednesday (R. Catholic, Protestant)
March 1997.
10Eastern Orthodox Lent (Christian)
23Purim (Jewish)
28Good Friday (R. Catholic, Protestant)
30Easter (R. Catholic, Mormon, Protestant)
April 1997.
18 (approx.)Idul-Adha (Islam)
21Festival of Ridvan (Baha'i)
22-29Passover begins at sundown April 21 and ends
at sundown April 29 (the first two days and the
last two days are holiday observances -- sundown
April 21 through sundown April 23 and sundown
April 27 through sundown April 29) (Jewish)
25Holy Friday (Orthodox Christian)
27Easter (Orthodox Christian)
May 1997.
8Ascension Day (Roman Catholic, Protestant)
9 (approx.)Muharram (Islamic New Year)
9 (approx.)Ratha-Yatra (Hindu New Year)

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