April 2, 1998......Volume 27, Issue 26

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Movies prove excellent choice for studying organizational behavior
In an MBA classroom, a movie like "Wall Street" would seem the popular choice, but a Penn State professor avoided the obvious and chose "Dead Poets Society" to really burrow into issues of management.

Family pledges $5 million to fund spiritual center
The Frank Pasquerilla family of Johnstown has made a $5 million commitment to fund a new spiritual center on Penn State's University Park campus. The new center will be an addition to Eisenhower Chapel, which currently is used by about 30 student religious organizations and hosts more than 3,800 events annually. The chapel also houses the University's Center for Ethics and Religious Studies.

Penn State professor to teach from space
Penn State's Jim Pawelczyk, assistant professor of kinesiology and physiology, and his space-going colleagues scheduled to be aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in April will conduct more than two dozen studies that hold promise for older adults and others.

Time change

This weekend we'll all lose some sleep when we change our clocks to one hour ahead at 2 a.m. Sunday, April 5 -- the beginning of daylight-saving time. Don't forget!

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