December 3, 1998......Volume 28, Issue 15

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Volunteering to make a difference
Plenty of opportunities exist for HAC residents and other students to get involved with community projects. Visitors to the house immediately spy a flurry of notices tacked on the bulletin board; while at the AT&T Center for Service Leadership located in the HUB, stacks of colorful brochures poke out of display stands -- all from local agencies needing student volunteers. Staff members help to provide the initial contacts, but the students do everything -- organize meetings, arrange transportation to sites throughout Centre County, and define and manage projects.

Class transforms engineering into toy story for students
Toy FUNdamentals is one of the many new first-year seminar courses designed to introduce students to the different majors offered by the college. The courses include labs, discussions, panels and hands-on projects. In addition, class sizes in the first-year seminars are kept small to increase interaction among students and engineering faculty members.

Students involved in summer riot no longer in school
Although most of the criminal cases related to the July riot in downtown State College have not yet gone to trial in Centre County Court, Penn State is moving forward with its own sanctions emanating from the University's own judicial system. Of the 22 Penn State students arrested, eight students decided on their own not to return to school this fall and another six students have been dismissed from the University.

University-wide unit to monitor marketing efforts
We are ... Penn State. But just exactly what is Penn State? Describing the University and its mission in a newspaper or radio ad isn't easy. And it can be expensive.

To address these problems, the University has simplified the process by creating the Department of University Marketing and Advertising. The new department will have central responsibility for monitoring University marketing activities and will work with other University units to ensure that the marketing plans of individual units strengthen each other as well as the University's overall goals.

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