October 22, 1998......Volume 28, Issue 10

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Call goes out for faculty to start up new school
A recent call for faculty participation in the new School of Information Sciences and Technology has drawn an impressive and immediate response -- a clear indication to planners that there is an interest and a need for such a thrust. Student response is expected to be equally strong.

Senate to act on proposed two-day break for 1999
Two class-free days may be added to Penn State's academic calendar in mid-October, starting in 1999, if the University Faculty Senate endorses a proposal up for consideration at its Oct. 27 meeting and if the University administration adopts the proposal.

Degree information moves to Web version
Distribution of paper copies of the University's Baccalaureate Degree Program Bulletin and Associate Degree Program Bulletin are expected to drop sharply over the next several years. But that's a good thing, according to Bill Farnsworth, head of the Office of Undergraduate Information and Communications.

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