Intercom Online......October 22, 1998

Nominations sought for
Faculty Scholar Medal

The president's office has put out a call for nominations for individuals eligible to receive the Faculty Scholar Medal, which recognizes scholarly and creative excellence. The medal will be awarded to individuals in up to five different scholarly areas, including arts and humanities, engineering, life and health sciences, physical sciences and social and behavioral sciences.

For information on deadlines for submitting nominations and accompanying materials, check with the dean's office in the individual colleges. Deans at University Park should submit final rankings of the recommendations from their areas to the Vice President for Research, 304 Old Main, University Park, Pa. 16802, by Jan. 7, 1998. Campus executive officers and deans from areas outside of University Park, should submit recommendations to the dean of the Commonwealth College or the dean of the Graduate School (as appropriate) by Dec. 4.

The Faculty Scholar Medal, established by the Board of Trustees in 1980, will be given at the University Awards Program on Sunday, March 21, 1999.

Those eligible for the Faculty Scholar Medal include faculty members holding full-time academic appointments, with professorial, research or librarian titles, as well as individuals who are full-time instructors or assistant librarians. The achievement for which the faculty member is to be honored should have occurred or culminated during the preceding five years. Special attention should be given to the objective of honoring "a single contribution or a series of contributions around a coherent theme."

Nominations must include biographical data, a detailed description of the achievement itself and documented evidence in the form of letters substantiating the claim of the national or international importance of the achievement, specifically citing the value of the recent work. Renominations from the previous year are acceptable. A committee of faculty peers reviews nominations and selects candidates' names to be sent to the president. Selection panels, one in each of the five main scholarly areas, are currently being identified.

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