Intercom Online......April 8, 1999

Hazleton receives gifts
of land, scholarship

Fifty-one years after the Penn State Hazleton and the Markle family made their first connection in 1948, history repeated itself through a major gift of land and the establishment of a scholarship at the campus.

Penn State Hazleton was created in 1934, with 34 students located in what was then the Markle Bank Building in downtown Hazleton. In 1948, Penn State acquired the home and land of the late Alvan Markle Jr. and Mary Jones Markle, and the campus moved to what has become its permanent home.

In 1998, more than 160 members of the descendants of Alvan and Mary Dryfoos Markle returned to Hazleton to celebrate a reunion of a family whose history dates locally to 1848. During that reunion, the family visited the campus and what had been their family home.

That 1998 visit coincided with the 50th anniversary of Penn State Hazleton at the site of the Markle family home, the 150th anniversary of George B. Markle's arrival in Hazleton and the 80th anniversary of the births of Alvan Markle II and William Newell Bannard III, son of Emily Markle Bannard.

A number of conversations about Penn State -- its current operations and academic programs, its student population and its future growth -- grew out of the 1998 visit to the campus. Thomas Markle, grandson of Alvan Markle and son of Alvan Markle Jr., took the lead in helping the campus contact the family of Hazel Markle, who owns the remaining six acres of Markle land -- land that will become part of Penn State Hazleton and which represents virtually all of the land available to the campus for future growth.

Thomas Markle and his brothers and sister also funded the Alvan Markle Jr. and Gladys Jones Markle Scholarship for Penn State Hazleton students enrolled in the new baccalaureate degree in business.

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