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University lists
endowed faculty positions

Following is a list of endowed faculty positions at Penn State and the holders of those positions. Endowed faculty positions help create and sustain great universities. Named chairs, professorships and faculty fellowships are powerful tools for recruiting and retaining teachers and researchers who are among the most distinguished scholars in their fields. Highly talented graduate and undergraduate students also seek to learn from faculty of such calibre.

Most faculty endowments are established by private benefactors --- individuals, couples, corporations and other organizations. The University invests these endowed gifts and uses part of the annual income to support the academic program of the faculty members who hold the chairs, professorships or fellowships. The remaining income is returned to the principal to protect it from inflation and encourage growth.

Endowments provide steady, long-term support that is not dependent on public revenues or year-to-year contracts. This support is typically directed toward research, teaching innovations, graduate assistant stipends, clerical assistance, travel, salary supplements and similar activities.

The following list of endowed chairs, professorships and faculty fellowships is current as of Sept. 1, 1998, and was compiled by the Office of Development Communications and Special Projects. The list does not include endowments that have been created but for which there is not yet a faculty appointee.

Faculty Endowments at Penn State

Alcoa Professorship in Solid State Science
Robert E. Newnham

American Heart Association South Central Pennsylvania Chapter Professorship in Medicine Cardiology
David M. Leaman, M.D.

Arthur Andersen Professorship of Accounting
Jane F. Mutchler

Michael and Myrtle Baker Professorship in Surgery - Orthopedic
Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr. M.D.

Ballantine Memorial Professorship in Pediatric Surgery
Peter W. Dillon, M.D.

James and Alvina Balog Faculty Fellowship in Science
Donald W. Genson

Irving and Irene Bard Professorship of Business Administration
Marvin E. Goldberg

Victor and Anna Mae Beghini Faculty Fellowship in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Abraham S. Grader

Bell of Pennsylvania Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Telecommunications Technology
Willey Ofosu
Robert A. Walters

Edna P. and C. Eugene Bennett Endowed Chair in Prevention Research
Mark T. Greenberg

Louis R. and Virginia A. Benzak Professorship in Finance
Dennis P. Sheehan

Quentin Berg Professorship in Engineering and Technology
Charles A. Cole
Julien F. Biebuyck, M.D.

Endowed Professorship in Anesthesia
Ralph Lydic

Charles G. Binder Professorship in Computer Engineering
Tse Y. Feng

Charles and Lillian Binder Faculty Fellowship in Business Administration
Mita Sujan

Boeing/A. D. Welliver Professorship in Aerospace Engineering
Philip Morris

James E. Bobb Professorship in Rehabilitative Medicine
Edwards P. Schwentker, M.D.

Joseph F. Bradley Faculty Fellowship in Finance
James A. Miles

Samuel A. and Elizabeth B. Breene Fellowship in Management
Jeffrey K. Pinto

Julia Gregg Brill Professorship in Women's Studies
Susan Squier

Bernard R. Brodie Professorship in Pharmacology
Elliot S. Vesell, M.D.

Brush Chair in Materials
Randall M. German

Cable TV Pioneers Chair in Telecommunications Studies
E. Stratford Smith

Centennial Professorship in Mining Engineering
Christopher J. Bise

L. W. "Roy" and Mary Lois Clark Faculty Teaching Fellowship in Business Administration
Chris Muscarella

Alvin H. Clemens Professorship in Entrepreneurial Studies
David T. Wilson

Walter J. Conti Professorship in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management
Rafael Kavanaugh
Tom McGlinchy
Dick Rivera
Joe Fassler
Graham Kerr
William Shaw
Bob Dickinson
Tim Ryan
Al Schuman

Coopers & Lybrand Faculty Development Fellowship in Accounting
Anne Beatty

Corning Faculty Fellowship in Ceramic Science and Engineering
Carlo Pantano

Paul H. Cutler Faculty Excellence Endowment in Condensed Matter Physics
Paul H. Cutler

George H. Jr. and Anne B. Deike Chair in Mining Engineering
Raja V. Ramani

DuPont Professorship in Materials Chemistry
Thomas E. Mallouk

William and Charlotte Duddy University Endowed Fellowship in the Humanities
Selected humanities faculty

Eberly Family Chair in Biology
Robert K. Selander

Eberly Family Chair in Chemistry
Stephen Benkovic

Eberly Family Chair in Mathematics
Jean-Luc Brylinski

Eberly Family Chair in Physics
Abhay Ashtekar

Eberly Family Chair in Statistics
C. R. Rao

Eberly Family Professorship in Biotechnology
C. Robert Matthews

Elouise Ross Eberly Professorship in Nursing
Theresa A. Balog

William Elliott Chaired Professor of Insurance
J. D. Hammond

Ernst & Young Professorship of Accounting
James C. McKeown

Dr. C. McCollister and Nancy L. Evarts Chair in Medical Education
Robert C. Aber, M.D.

Merrell R. Fenske Professorship in Chemical Engineering
Albert M. Vannice

Charles H. Fetter University Endowed Fellowship in Electrical Engineering
John F. Doherty

Jane A. Fetter Professorship in Cardiothoracic Surgery
Gerson Rosenberg

Four Diamonds Chair in Pediatric Oncology
John E. Neely, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Forney P. George Fellowship in Family and Community Medicine
James M. Herman, M.D.

Dorothy W. Gilpatrick University Endowed Fellowship in the Humanities
Selected humanities faculty

Maurice K. Goddard Chair in Forestry and Environmental Resource Conservation
Caren Glotfelty

Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Frank P. Smeal University Endowed Fellowship in Business Administration
J. Randall Woolridge

McCabe Greer Professorship in the American Civil War
Mark E. Neely Jr.

Helen A. Guthrie Chair in Nutrition

Barbara J. Rolls

Bernard and Henrietta Hankin Chair in Residential Building Construction
Eric F. P. Burnett

George T. Harrell Professorship in Comparative Medicine
C. Max Lang, D.V.M.

Hershey Foods Corp. Professorship in Family and Community Medicine
James M. Herman, M.D.

J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Medicine
Herbert Y. Reynolds, M.D.

J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Molecular and Cell Biology
Anthony E. Pegg

Melvin and Rosalind Jacobs University Endowed Fellowship in the Humanities
Selected humanities faculty

Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies
Baruch Halpern

Stan and Flora Kappe Professorship in Environmental Engineering
Bruce Logan

Drs. Kienle Chair for Humane Medicine
James O. Ballard, M.D.

Robert and Judith Klein Professorship of Management
Gerald I. Susman

KPMG Peat Marwick Professorship of Accounting
Charles H. Smith

William E. Leonhard Chair in Engineering
Richard A. Wysk

William E. Leonhard Professorship in Engineering
Christopher R. Wronski

Liberal Arts Professorship in Philosophy
John Sallis

Russell and Mildred Marker Professorship in Natural Products Chemistry
Steven M. Weinreb

David H. McKinley Executive Education Professorship in Business Administration
J. Keith Ord

Mellon Bank Faculty Fellowship in Business Administration
Charles C. Snow

MICASU University Endowed Fellowship in Mineral Economics
Ahmet Kocagil

Mitrani Professorship in Jewish Life and Literature
Paul Rose

Paul Morrow Professorship in Engineering Design and Manufacturing
Joseph L. Rose

Erwin W. Mueller Professorship in Physics
Jainendra K. Jain

Marie Underhill Noll Professorship in Human Performance
Lars G. Larsson

John W. Oswald Chair in Surgery
Thomas M. Krummel, M.D.

James R. and Barbara R. Palmer Chair in Telecommunications Studies
Richard D. Taylor

Allen E. Pearce/Allen M. Pearce Professorship in Engineering
Mary Frecker

Nicholas and Gelsa Pelick University Endowed Fellowship in Biotechnology
Nina Fedoroff

Francis R. Pentz and Helen M. Pentz Professorship in the Eberly College of Science
Roger Penrose

Stanley Person Professorship in Molecular Biology
J. Gregory Ferry

Ernest C. Pollard Professorship in Biotechnology
Donald Bryant

Helena Rubinstein University Endowed Fellowship in the Humanities
Selected humanities faculty

C. Lee Rumberger and Family Chair in Agricultural Sciences
Blannie E. Bowen

Harry and Arlene Schell Professorship in Engineering
Bernhard Tittmann

William A. Schreyer Chair in Global Management Policies and Planning
Fariborz Ghadar

Raymond E. and Erin S. Schultz Dean's Chair
Barbara Shannon

Robert G. Schwartz University Endowed Fellowship in Business Administration
Arnold Shapiro

Jean Phillips Shibley Professorship in Behavioral Health
Elizabeth J. Susman

Raymond N. Shibley Professorship in Mathematics
Anatole Katok

Philip H. Sieg Professorship of Business Administration
Austin J. Jaffe

Mary Jean and Frank P. Smeal Chaired Professor of Finance
Ian Domowitz

Mary Jean and Frank P. Smeal Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing
Wayne S. DeSarbo

Mary Jean and Frank P. Smeal Chair in Management Science and Information Systems
Anantaram Balakrishnan

Edwin Erle Sparks Professorship in Comparative Literature
Djelal Kadir

Edwin Erle Sparks Professorship in Philosophy
Charles E. Scott

Edwin Erle Sparks Professorship in Rhetoric/Speech Communication
Thomas W. Benson

Edwin Erle Sparks Professorship in Slavic Languages
William R. Schmalstieg

Edwin Erle Sparks Professorship in Spanish
Anibal Gonzalez-Perez

Nancy and John Steimer Professorship in Agricultural Sciences
Eva Pell

Earl P. Strong Executive Education Professorship in Marketing
Jerry C. Olson

J. Franklin Styer Professorship in Horticultural Botany
Richard Craig

David B and Shirley L. Sykes Endowed Professorship in Finance
William A. Kracaw

United Technologies Corporation Professorship in Acoustics
Steven Garrett

University Chair in Community Psychiatry
Joyce D. Kales, M.D.
Paul A. Kettl, M.D.

University Chair in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Joanna M. Cain, M.D.

University Chair in Pathology
Richard L. Naeye, M.D.

University Chair in Psychiatric Research
Edward O. Bixler

University Chair in Sleep Disorders Medicine
Anthony Kales, M.D.

University Professorship in Humanities
David Barnard

University Professorship in Medicine - Gastroenterology
Graham H. Jefferies

University Professorship in Medicine - Oncology
Allan Lipton, M.D.

University Professorship in Pediatrics
Cheston M. Berlin Jr., M.D.

John Anton and Marian Trescher Waldhausen Chair in Surgery
Thomas M. Krummel, M.D.

Eric A. Walker Chair in Anesthesiology
Philip D. Lumb

Kenneth B. Waterbury Chair in Secondary Education
Henry Giroux

William L. Weiss Chair in Information and Communications Technology
Moshen Kavehrad

Josephine Berry Weiss Chair in the Humanities
Guido Ruggiero

Verne M. Willaman Chair in Life Sciences
Nina Fedoroff

Verne M. Willaman Chair in Molecular Biology
Robert Simpson

Calvin E. and Pamala T. Zimmerman University Endowed Fellowship in Business Administration
Kenneth M. Lusht

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