Intercom Online......March 4, 1999

Elsewhere in higher education

The following information was gleaned from the internal publications of the institutions mentioned.

* The University of Virginia has created a Commission on Public Service and Outreach to assess what contributions the university is making to the surrounding community, state, region and world. The commission is looking at public service in the areas of health and medicine, business and economic development, government, education and technology.

* Less than a year after a tornado passed near its campus, fatally injuring a student, Vanderbilt University is planning to install a $120,000 electronic siren and voice alarm system designed to give the campus an early warning of approaching severe weather.

* Iowa State University is among eight universities and the only Big Ten school participating in a federal pilot program that will allow students to monitor and control their financial aid accounts over the Web and access a number of other federal agencies electronically.

* The Board of Curators that oversees the University of Missouri System has approved a new university-wide non-discrimination policy because the existing policies were not sufficiently inclusive. Protesters, who sought to have sexual orientation included in the list of protected categories, drowned out the board meeting where the vote was occurring.

* Yale University plans to construct a 440,000-square-foot major medical research complex to meet a growing need for more space at its School of Medicine at a cost of $160 million. The building is expected to be completed by summer 2002.

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