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Leaves of Absence

Leaves of absence are granted for purposes of intensive study or research that will increase the quality of the individual's future contribution to the University.

The following leaves of absences have been approved for faculty at University Park.


Ramaswamy C. Anantheswaran, associate professor of food science, to develop unit operations for improving yield and product quality during confectionery manufacturing with the Advanced Technology Development Group at Hershey Foods Technical Center.

Craig R. Baumrucker, professor of animal nutrition-physiology, to study new molecular biology techniques in the Department of Clinical Research of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Stephanie Doores, associate professor of food science, to revise the fifth edition of the coauthored textbook Food Microbiology.

Donald J. Epp, professor of agricultural economics, to lecture and conduct economic research evaluating the environmental effects of intensive agriculture at Wageningen Agricultural University in The Netherlands.

Albert R. Jarrett, professor of agricultural engineering, to gain first-hand, practical engineering consulting experience on engineering projects relating to animal waste management, land application of waste, and watershed assessments with McCulley, Frick & Gilman Inc. in Boulder, Colo.

Larry J. Kuhns, professor of ornamental horticulture, to study the history, development, current practices and trends of the landscape management industry in the United States.

Les E. Lanyon, professor of soil fertility, to develop techniques for strategic and systems thinking collaborative learning.

Harvey B. Manbeck, distinguished professor of agricultural engineering, to study engineered wood structural products and structural systems.

Edward W. Mills, associate professor of dairy and animal science, to study the evaluation and application of novel meat tenderness assessment and improvement technologies in a quality driven beef marketing organization.

Paul H. Patterson, associate professor of poultry science, to study controlled atmosphere storage of table eggs.

Mary S. Shick, associate extension agent, Washington County, to complete course work for an MBA degree at West Virginia University.

John C. Schultz, professor of entomology, to develop methods for assessing gene expression in forest tree responses to pests.

Toni M. Stuetz, associate extension agent, Chester County, to pursue a master's degree in instructional systems at Penn State Great Valley.

Gregory R. Ziegler, associate professor of food science, to study magnetic resonance imaging techniques and apply them to the characterization of foods for improved safety and quality in the Department of Chemistry at Penn State and the Department of Physics at the University of New Brunswick in Canada.


Maureen A. Carr, professor of music, to pursue an in-depth study on Histoire du soldat by composer Igor Stravinsky.

Grace Hampton, professor of art and art education and executive assistant for the advancement of the arts, to examine the efforts made by selected universities in Ghana and Nigeria to preserve and promote the traditional arts and crafts in their respective countries.

Daniel J. Nadenicek, associate professor of landscape architecture, to conduct research on landscape architecture's involvement in marketing the environmentally consumptive everyday landscape of verdant lawns and ornamental plantings with visits to numerous archival collections.

Daniel I. Robinson, associate professor of theatre arts, to explore the use of computer graphic technology in the stage design profession and to apply this knowledge to the development of two new courses with visits to designers and training programs.

F. Norman Spivey, associate professor of music, to observe prominent teachers of singing primarily within a 250-mile radius of Penn State with the purpose of enhancing studio voice teaching and leadership.


Martin J. Kilduff, associate professor of organizational behavior, to continue collaborative research and write a book on friendship networks in organizations.

Holly S. Lewis, associate professor of management science, to investigate solution strategies for multi-stage production planning when changeover costs cannot be ignored; to study multi objective optimization in graphical user interface environments; and to explore the interface between operations management and information systems.

Kofi O. Nti, associate professor of management science, to conduct research on the theory, design and application of contests at The University of Cologne in Germany and The Aarhus School of Business in Denmark.

Arvind Rangaswamy, professor of marketing, to initiate two long-term research projects on a data collection to understand strategic aspects of e-business and a marketing segmentation based on decision processes of customers.

Gerald I. Susman, chair of The Department of Management and Organization and The Robert and Judith Klein professor of management, to design a course on the management of innovation for delivery by Russian faculty at St. Petersburg State Technical University.

Abdullah Yava, associate professor of business administration, to design and conduct experiments on how intermediaries/agents affect the outcome of negotiations between buyers and sellers and how real options affect investment decisions.


Robert M. Frieden, professor of communications, to examine the Internet's role in fostering a robust and diverse global information infrastructure.


Jenni-Louise Evans, associate professor of meteorology, to conduct collaborative research on diagnostics of climate modeling at the University of Hamburg and the Max Planck Institute; and to conduct research on extra tropical transition of tropical cyclones at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Jan M. Mutmansky, professor of mining engineering, to conduct research on the impacts of environmental, health and safety, and general legislation on the work of mineral engineering; and provide better resources for teaching modern environmental philosophy and ethics.

Donna J. Peuquet, professor of geography, to study environmental cognition and geographic representation.

Darrell G. Schlom, associate professor of materials science and engineering, to conduct collaborative research on the growth of new single crystal perovskite substrates.

Brenton M. Yarnal, professor of geography, to teach and conduct collaborative research on the effects of climate variation on energy needs and to expand the developing methodology of integrated regional assessment.


Kathleen J. Bieschke, associate professor of counseling psychology, to conduct research on the application of social cognitive career theory to graduate student research training.

William L. Boyd, distinguished professor of education, to engage in a comparative study of public policy, religion and education in the public schools of England and the United States as a visiting scholar at the University of Maryland and the University of London.

Nancy F. Dana, associate professor of education, to analyze and write three textbooks which are the results of a research study on the growth and development of professional development schools in the State College Area School District.

Thomas M. Dana, associate professor of education, to undertake a scholarly project in science teacher learning and change, particularly in the context of teacher education programs and clinical/field experiences.

Charles A. Hughes, professor of special education, to analyze and synthesize the literature on effective instructional techniques and principles used with students with learning disabilities; and teach, assist in ongoing curriculum development, and formalize teacher and student exchange agreements between Penn State and Mico College in Jamaica.

Brandon B. Hunt, associate professor of rehabilitation services, to co-edit a textbook, The Handbook of Counselor Education, and increase knowledge of grief counseling.

David H. Jonassen, professor of education, to investigate collaboratively the factors surrounding the successful integration of computer conferencing in distance education enterprises and examine the roles and uses of technology in European distance education projects.

James E. Johnson, professor of education, to conduct research on parents and teachers beliefs and attitudes about children's play and early development in Sweden and Taiwan.

Donald B. Keat II, professor of education and counseling psychology, to work in local schools and visit selected nationally known experts with the purpose of learning effective counseling procedures and publish a book on child counseling and develop teaching videos based on certain content areas.

Suet-ling Pong, associate professor of education, to examine family, community and school district factors associated with educational achievement in the face of poverty in the United States.

David M. Post, associate professor of education and human development and family studies, to complete a scholarly monograph on public welfare and education policies in Latin America and their relation to children's economic activity.

Fred M. Schied, associate professor of education, to examine ways in which management systems impact the learning of front-line workers in manufacturing settings.

Ladislaus M. Semali, associate professor of education, to complete studies of two indigenous knowledge resource centers documenting the goals, operations and work of each in Kenya and South Africa.

Patrick T. Terenzini, professor of education and senior scientist, to conduct a literature review and analysis of the research published in the past decade on the effects of college on students.

Pamela S. Wolfe, associate professor of special education, to formulate a program designed to train teachers to work with autistic students.


Thomas E. Boothby, associate professor of architectural engineering, to examine unreinforced masonry arch structures in the Republic of Ireland.

M. Jeya Chandra, professor of industrial engineering, to develop an aggregate model and a resource allocation model to justify investments in continuous quality improvement projects at The University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Konstadinos G. Goulias, associate professor of civil engineering, to accept a Fulbright Flad Chair award to design a multilevel integrated forecasting environment to simulate a nation's transportation system use and performance over time at the University of Lisbon.

Rangachar Kasturi, professor of computer science and engineering, to establish formal research interactions with faculty at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India, and to organize the Fifth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition scheduled to be held in Bangalore.

Lyle N. Long, professor of aerospace engineering, to study computational aeroacoustics and parallel processing at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia.

Raymond J. Luebbers, professor of electrical engineering, to investigate methods for calculation and measurement of biological effects of electromagnetic fields radiated by wireless communication systems at various industrial, governmental and university laboratories.

Richard G. Mistrick, associate professor of architectural engineering, to conduct research on the performance modeling of daylighting systems and integrated electric lighting control systems.

Robert C. Voigt, professor of industrial engineering, to conduct collaborative research on metal casting.


William P. Andrew, associate professor of hotel, restaurant and institutional management, to teach and conduct collaborative research on hospitality financial management at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Ann C. Crouter, professor of human development, to examine the implications of parents' work circumstances for adolescent development in two longitudinal data sets and conduct collaborative research at Macquarie University in Australia and the University of Lancaster in England.

Jordan W. Finkelstein, professor of biobehavioral health, human development, and pediatrics, to work with Congress and contribute to the development of health legislation and policy.

Thomas A. Frank, professor of communication disorders, to conduct research and assist in the development and implementation of innovative distance education instructional methods and technologies.

Larry D. Gamm, associate professor of health policy and administration, to conduct research, develop and pilot test an evaluation model of managed care arrangements for rural America at The University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Institute for Health Policy Research in Austin.

Alan R. Graefe, associate professor of leisure studies, to learn about the wildlife research unit at Colorado State University with the possibility of initiating a similar research program at Penn State and complete two book projects.

Susan M. McHale, professor of human development, to complete a series of manuscripts based on data from two, short-term longitudinal studies of children's and adolescents' family relationship experiences; and extend work on the nonshared family experiences of sisters and brothers to nonwhite populations in the United States.

John A. Milner, professor and head of the Department of Nutrition, to work with the National Cancer Institute to gain insights into effective strategies used to tackle fundamental problems associated with diet and health, especially those relative to diet and cancer.

Mary Frances Picciano, professor of nutrition, to work with the National Institutes of Health and the U. S. Department of Agriculture to look at factors that serve as the bases of demonstration program initiatives aimed at improving health and nutrition of mothers, infants and children.

Elwood L. Shafer, professor of tourism and environmental management, to collaborate with the Office of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism on a project that will develop a nitch-oriented marketing strategy for sustainable tourism development in the Bahamas.

Elizabeth J. Susman, Jean Phillips Shibley professor of biobehavioral health, to conduct collaborative research examining the interactions between neuroendocrine and environmental factors and aggressive behavior at the Universite Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France, and the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany.

Sherry L. Willis, professor of human development, to develop and submit for publication a series of research articles based on cognitive training in the elderly and everyday problem solving in later adulthood.

Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, professor of kinesiology, to write a textbook for graduate students, Kinetics of Human Motion.


Michael W. Anesko, associate professor of English and American studies, to complete a significant database on the history of authorship in America in the 19th-century and to write a monograph based upon the inferences that are drawn from the study.

Stephen H. Browne, associate professor of speech communication, to identify, recover and assimilate source materials for a book-length study of African American critiques of science in 19th-century America.

Barbara E. Bullock, associate professor of French and linguistics, to prepare a manuscript on a history of the grammatical category of gender in French at the Biblioteque Nationale and the Biblioteque Marguerite Durand in Paris.

Paul F. Clark, associate professor of labor studies and industrial relations, to study the impact of the employment policies and practices of United States-based multinational corporations on the industrial relations system of Ireland.

Javier Escudero, associate professor of Spanish, to conduct an analysis of the evolution of the predominant aesthetic trends in Spain spanning the years of the Franco dictatorship to the present.

James L. Farr, professor of psychology, to conduct collaborative research on individual and group factors influencing work-related behaviors and attitudes at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and the University of Western Australia in Perth.

Aristoula Georgiadou, associate professor of classics, to prepare a monograph of interpretive essays and a commentary on the lcaromenippus of Lucian.

Baruch Halpern, chair in Jewish studies; director of Jewish studies; professor of ancient history, Mediterranean studies and religious studies; and Fellow of the Institute for the Arts and Humanistic Studies, to work on the history of ancient Canaan and Israel.

Robert E. Harkavy, professor of political science, to prepare a database on the networks of the global hegemonic powers and their main rivals over the past 500 years in Kiel, Germany.

Susan K. Harris, professor of English, to write a book examining the late 19th-century reading communities through the diaries and letters of two literary hostesses, Annie Adams Fields and Mary Gladstone Drew.

Mark D. Hayward, professor of sociology, to complete a collaborative series of related studies on the social inequality of chronic health conditions among middle-aged and older persons.

Kenneth G. Hirth, professor of anthropology, to engage in a focused study of craft production in a prehistoric society and conduct archaeological investigations to explore how prehistoric populations adapted to conditions of explosive volcanism in the area around Mexico City.

Benjamin T. Hudson, associate professor of history and medieval studies, to investigate regional ties in the north Atlantic littoral during the High Middle Ages.

Nicholas A. Joukovsky, associate professor of English, to begin an authoritative biography of the English novelist, poet and essayist, Thomas Love Peacock.

Kala Krishna, professor of economics, to work on topics in applied microeconomic theory, particularly as they relate to trade.

Vijay Krishna, professor of economics, to continue collaborative research in game theory and its applications to economics and biology.

Judith F. Kroll, professor of psychology, to pursue research and writing on cognitive processing in bilinguals in The Netherlands.

Nancy S. Landale, professor of sociology, to conduct and write on a detailed analysis of recently collected data from the Puerto Rican Maternal and Infant Health Study.

Daniel L. Letwin, associate professor of history, to conduct research and write a book titled Black Political Thought and "Social Equality" in the Age of Jim Crow.

Daniel T. Lichter, director of the Population Research Institute and professor of sociology, to develop a long-term program of policy research on early adult transitions.

Robert Lima, professor of Spanish and comparative literature, to complete a book-length manuscript titled Stages of Evil Occultism in Western Theatre and Drama.

Nancy S. Love, associate professor of political science and speech communication, to conduct research and write a book on music as a metaphor for democracy, titled The Music of Collective Action.

George R. Milner, professor of anthropology, to excavate and study medieval Danish skeletons in order to conduct a collaborative investigation of the relationships among population growth, health, resources, location of settlements and technological innovation.

R. Salvador Oropesa, associate professor of sociology, to conduct a detailed analysis and write on recently collected data from the Puerto Rican Maternal and Infant Health Study.

David A. Rosenbaum, professor of psychology, to conduct research on human perceptual-motor control.

Charles E. Scott, Edwin Erle Sparks professor of philosophy, to complete a book that develops concepts by which the physical dimension of memories can be described without a physical reduction, an idealist elevation or a mind-body dualism.

Hoben Thomas, professor of psychology, to conduct research on mixture distributions and explore the implications of these structures for psychological theory and data analysis.

David L. Webster, professor of anthropology, to write a book titled Classic Maya Collapse.


Sarah M. Assmann, professor of biology, to conduct collaborative research on the model plant system Arabidopsis, and study genes whose products regulate guard cell function.

W. Dale Brownawell, distinguished professor of mathematics, to conduct collaborative research in transcendence theory and commutative algebra.

Milton W. Cole, professor of physics, to conduct collaborative research on the wetting of liquid films on solid surfaces.

Andrew G. Ewing, professor of chemistry and J. Lloyd Huck chair in natural sciences, to develop and use matrix assisted laser desorption mass spectrometry to study the peptides and proteins on the surface of single nerve cells.

Murat Günaydin, professor of physics, to conduct collaborative research on theoretical elementary particle physics at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva and the Albert Einstein Institute for Gravitational Physics in Potsdam, Germany.

Ross C. Hardison, professor of biochemistry, to conduct collaborative research on DNA sequences needed for regulation of hemoglobin genes by the locus control region at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

William L. Harkness, professor of statistics, to redesign instructional approaches in undergraduate courses in statistics and develop a Web-based resource materials kit with visits to collaborating universities.

Pablo Laguna, associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics, to conduct numerical studies of perturbations of rapidly rotating neutron stars and hydrodynamic flows in the vicinity of black holes.

Bing Li, associate professor of statistics, to conduct research in nonparametric estimating equations.

Wen-Ching Winnie Li, professor of mathematics, to pursue various research projects related to number theory, combinatorics and their applications.

Peter I. Mészáros, professor and head of the department of astronomy and astrophysics, to conduct research on gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows.

Michael J. Natan, associate professor of chemistry, to conduct collaborative research to prepare and characterize well-defined organic films with controlled architecture.

Gerald A. Smith, professor of physics, to conduct research on antimatter trapping at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico and the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama.

Lee Smolin, professor of physics, to conduct research in theoretical physics with the aim of unifying string theory and loop quantum gravity.

Arkady A. Tempelman, professor of statistics and mathematics, to conduct collaborative research on applications of ergodic theory at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, Moscow State University in Russia, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and CWI in The Netherlands.

Steven K. Thompson, associate professor of statistics, to develop sampling design and analysis methods for studies of hidden human populations at various universities.

Louis Winkler, assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics, to develop a pedagogical project on a state landmark in New Hampshire that is a megalithic site with astronomical significance.

Yuri Zarhin, professor of mathematics, to pursue research projects related to various areas of algebra and number theory.


Carol A. Wright, associate librarian, to investigate student use of Internet resources.

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