February 10, 2000......Volume 29, Issue 23

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Exploring African American writing prepares students to deal with diverse populations
Thirty or 40 years ago, prominent Jewish writers like Saul Bellow and Philip Roth claimed center stage on the American literary scene -- but now the argument could be made that African American writers like Toni Morrison and Ishmael Reed have taken their place, say Bernard Bell and Keith Gilyard, both professors of English.

University officials prepare for budget talks with legislators
University officials are gearing up for Penn State's annual budget hearings before the state Legislature, the first of which is slated for Feb. 14 in the Senate. A second hearing to be held by the House of Representatives is set for Feb. 29, and President Graham B. Spanier said he will be stressing Penn State's continued service to Pennsylvania and the important role the University plays in advancing the quality of life for residents.


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