Intercom Online......March 30, 2000

Blooming beauties


flower2Dennis J. Wolnick, associate professor of floriculture in the College of Agricultural Sciences, busily arranges potted flowering plants to be judged by students practicing for the National Intercollegiate Flower Judging and Design Contest to be held in Texas next month. Five students from Penn State will take part in the competition in which they will judge fresh cut flowers, flowering potted plants, foliage plants and hanging baskets provided by commercial floral wholesalers and greenhouse growers in Texas. The competition, which involves students from across the nation, is designed to teach students how to be better growers, better commercial buyers, and better retailers and consumers by learning the qualities that lead to longer flower and plant shelf life. According to Wolnick, overall quality of a flower or plant is made up of many characteristics, such as straight stems; bright, clear flower color; insect- and disease-free foliage; and vigorous growth. Some of the flowers shown here were grown as part of class projects by greenhouse production students.

Photos: Greg Grieco

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