Intercom Online......March 30, 2000

Penn State Newswire helps
subscribers keep in touch

In less than a month, Penn State's free electronic news service that's offered daily has expanded from approximately 15,000 subscribers to more than 35,000 subscribers. A recent e-mail note from University President Graham B. Spanier to thousands of alumni resulted in the large jump in subscriptions.

Penn State Newswire, offered by the Department of Public Information, is an e-mail send that includes short items of interest and general news about the University. The Penn State Newswire is available in several forms, including an Employee Newswire and a Sports Newswire. There are 17,658 subscribers to the main Penn State Newswire. Anyone interested in receiving a Newswire can sign up for one or all of them by visiting the Web at

New subscription numbers for the other Newswires are: Penn State Sports Newswire, 5,466; Penn State Employee Newswire, 2,305; Penn State Student Newswire, 5,972; and Penn State Science and Technology Newswire, 3,738. Subscribers to the Newswires come from most of the United States, and from more than 40 other countries.

The main Penn State Newswire offers information on research, student accomplishments, concerts, construction plans and general news at Penn State.

The Employee Newswire, put together by the editors of Intercom, is delivered twice a week and provides useful and timely information to employees. In addition to receiving the weekly print version of Intercom, employees who subscribe to this service will receive electronic updates on human resources news, parking information, details on upcoming events, policy changes and breaking news that will help them do their jobs and take advantage of all that Penn State has to offer.

With the Sports Newswire, Nittany Lions sports fans can get the inside scoop on football, basketball and other Penn State collegiate sports through this news service. On the Science and Technology Newswire, science and technology news, and information on the latest research at Penn State is delivered to subscribers several times a month, and the Student Newswire provides news of interest to students, like lists of upcoming sporting events, concerts and shows, academic calendar information and financial aid news.

Based on comments from new subscribers, many parents of students also enjoy receiving information about the University, and there are a large number of alumni who live quite a distance from Pennsylvania but like to stay in touch daily.

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