Intercom Online......May 4, 2000

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Jean-Marc Bollag, professor of soil biochemistry in the Center of Bioremediation and Detoxification, is co-editor of a new book.
Soil Biochemistry, Volume 10, published by Marcel Dekker Inc.
In the book, Bollag and co-editor Guenther Stotzky of New York University stress the potential application of biochemical processes in soil to environmental biotechnology. Soil and water pollution are of concern to many, and the current trend to reduce their effect is to apply bioremediation procedures. This volume of Soil Biochemistry discusses recent findings by 20 internationally acclaimed scientists in this area. The topics in this volume are diverse and emphasize the multidisciplinary nature of soil biochemistry.

Joann Leonard, director of MetaStages, an outreach program for children in the School of Theatre Arts, has written her memoir.
The Soup Has Many Eyes, published by Bantam.
Leonard wrote the book as a letter for her sons to describe her family's heritage. In her book, she re-imagines the plight of family members a century ago as they escaped from the pogroms in Russia and emigrated to the United States. The memories and stories of these long-gone relatives come vividly to life as she simmers homemade soup in an iron pot that her grandfather once used to make borscht -- the title of her book alludes to the way globules of fat floating in soup resemble eyes.
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