Intercom Online......May 4, 2000

Daughters glimpse a sampling of career possibilities


d2w2A record high of 384 girls and mentors participated in Take Our Daughters to Work Day on the University Park campus April 27. The event, sponsored by the Commission for Women, gave girls in grades six through 12 the opportunity to visit a few of the 37 career sites set up for the day, and featured a luncheon with keynote speaker Sue Paterno. Above, Rebekah Voris, left, and Jeri Beth Robinson measure calcium powder in the Mateer Research Kitchen. According the the Department of Food Science Web site, more than 1.7 million people are employed in the food industry, which is the country's largest manufacturing sector. The industry produces approximately 12 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and is responsible for more than
$22.7 billion in exports. At right, Darbi Hirschbiel walks down the steps at the Locomotion Center. As she walks, infrared beams follow her movements via the luminous balls taped to her left leg. The information is then displayed on a computer screen.The Center for Locomotion Studies is an interdisciplinary research center in the College of Health and Human Development dedicated to understanding the mechanics of human locomotion and to the discovery and development of biomechanical solutions for pathological conditions of the feet and lower extremities.

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Photo: Greg Grieco


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