Intercom Online......May 4, 2000


ARL employee helped convert
rocket for Gemini space flights

Donald E. Kerr, senior research associate emeritus, retired from the Applied Research Laboratory after 33 years of service.

Kerr came to ARL in 1966. While employed by the laboratory, he served as head of several major technology programs, Undersea Warfare Guidance and Control Block principal, head of laboratory administration, and deputy to the ARL associate director for undersea technology.

Kerr was a member of the team that converted the military Titan II booster for use by the manned Gemini space flights, and he was presented with the NASA Gemini Merit Award by astronaut Maj. Edwin E. Aldrin for work in safety engineering. In 1992, he was awarded a Chief of Naval Research Certificate of Commendation for defense research. He holds bachelor of science, master of science and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from Penn State.

Kerr was a member of the graduate faculty in the electrical engineering department and an instructor for the Graduate Program in Acoustics short-course series.

Program coordinator
served ARL since 1961

Donald G. Grimm, program coordinator for the Energy Science and Power Systems Division, has retired from the Applied Research Laboratory after 38 years of service.

Grimm came to the Applied Research Laboratory in 1961. He became lead engineering aide for a test vehicle in 1970 and worked on this project until 1986, when he became lead electronic engineering aide for a new test site. He was promoted to program coordinator of the ARL test site facility in 1991 and remained there until his retirement.

The recipient of an outstanding performance award in 1982 and a letter of commendation in 1991, Grimm holds a diploma in communications from DeVry Tech in Chicago and a First Class Federal Communication License with Radar Endorsement from the Federal Communication Commission. He has served the community as the chair of several organizations.

Animal caretaker began in 1965

Duane Stiner, animal caretaker in the Office of the Vice President for Research, has retired from Penn State.

Stiner began employment with the University in 1965 in what at the time was the College of Agriculture as a laboratory animal caretaker. His position was transferred two years later to the Animal Resources Program in the Intercollege Research Programs under the Vice President for Research. In 1976, Stiner was promoted to the position he held at retirement.

In retirement, Stiner plans to spend more time with his family, as pastor of a local church and working part-time at a nursery near his home. He also plans to spend time hunting.

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