In the News
October 19, 2000

The Crisis of Civility:
A message from President Spanier

We are in the midst of a national crisis. It is not a crisis that is in the news or that politicians are pointing to during this election season. But it is a crisis none the less. It is the crisis of civility -- and the lack of it appears to be growing.

Benefits costs rising for both
the University and its employees

The University remains committed to providing high quality health-care plans that are affordable to both employees and the University. While Penn State is continuing to pay the lion's share of these increased costs, the University cannot absorb the entire amount. A portion must be passed on to employees. This is occurring with employers' plans across the country.

Student radio station is
becoming a major player

WKPS, 90.7 FM, now known as The Lion, is a multi-formatted station offering a wide variety of music and programming, including mainstream alternative, jazz, gospel and Latin mix, news and sports programs, and a public opinion show.

New lot doubles
student parking at DuBois

With the toot of a horn and few laps in a shiny, brand-new Chrysler borrowed just for the occasion, student leaders officially opened a new 229-vehicle student parking lot at Penn State DuBois.

Engineering graduates
named Alumni Fellows

Two graduates of the College of Engineering, Harold L. Ergott and Herbert C. Graves, have been named 2000 Alumni Fellows by the Penn State Alumni Association.

College of the Liberal Arts
names distinguished alumnus

Thomas Stripay, senior vice president of human resources and general affairs at Sumitomo Corp. of America, was named the College of the Liberal Arts' Labor Studies and Industrial Relations Distinguished Alumnus for 2000.