Intercom Online......September 7, 2000


University Health Services
adds new refill option

Participants in the Penn State Maintenance Prescription Drug Plan (MPDP) who wish to refill their prescriptions have had the opportunity to place their orders through the pharmacy web site at or by visiting the pharmacy in 103 Ritenour Building on the University Park campus. As part of ongoing quality improvement efforts, University Health Services is adding an additional refill option.

Effective Sept. 11, the pharmacy will implement Dial-Rx, an interactive voice response system that will allow faculty and staff to place requests 24 hours a day. Like systems that currently are used by many commercial pharmacies, Dial-Rx will provide callers with a choice of menu items, one of which is a prescription refill option. While a touch-tone phone is required to use the automated system, individuals with dial phones can be connected to a pharmacy staff assistant during regular business hours.

The Dial-Rx system will ask participants to enter the prescription number using the appropriate numbers on the telephone keypad. The system will repeat the digits entered to verify the selection and will provide the opportunity to correct the number if necessary. Additionally, participants will be asked to verify their last name and telephone number as listed in the pharmacy records. Finally, Dial-Rx will tell the caller at what time the prescription refill will be ready. In the event that no refills were left on the prescription, the system will notify the caller immediately.

MPDP participants are reminded that refills should be ordered when two weeks worth of the prescription remain.

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