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Penn State Intercom......August 9, 2001


University scientific glassblower Russ Rogers uses a graphite paddle to shape the molten glass on his lathe. The blowtorch heats the cylinder until the glass softens and the rotating lathe helps Rogers keep the glass uniform. Rogers and Doug Smith fabricate glass items for student and faculty needs.
Photo: Greg Grieco

glass1 glass2

Scientific glassblower Doug Smith uses a flexible tube to blow air into a hot piece of glass, above. The air helps stabilize the glass and keep the walls from collapsing. Top right, Smith and Rogers display the two-story distillation unit they repaired in Fenske Lab. Below right is an interior view of a glass cylinder being heated by a blowtorch. Photos: Greg Grieco



From left, Jennifer Kalgren, Lyndsey Hylbert and Nadine Smith, associate professor of bio-engineering, build an EKG circuit board. Kalgren and Hylbert were participants in the University's Venture in Engineering Camp.
Photo: Greg Grieco


This renovated computer lab in the Eberly Building on the Penn State Fayette campus is part of the just-completed $6 million project that will be rededicated on Aug. 10. The building has four computer labs for students, classroom use and faculty development on the first floor.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Pat Nadzan is a University telephone operator at the Call Center Services Office. To help incoming students, the office will extend hours of operation from Saturday, Aug. 18, through Saturday, Sept. 1. The hours will be 7 a.m. to midnight weekdays and 8 a.m. to midnight weekends. The office will also be open from 9 am. to 11 p.m. for the Labor Day holiday. A complete list of Call Center services is available at
Photo: Greg Grieco

This sunflower is part of a photo exhibit by Jake Waldman on display through Sept. 16 in the North Halls exhibition area on the University Park campus.

Larry Burton, associate dean of the College of Engineering, welcomed guests to the dedication of the renovated courtyard behind Electrical Engineering West. The project, designed and built by students, was funded by the College of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences and the Alumni Association. The courtyard, which can be used by the public, also may be reserved for events by contacting the Department of Electrical Engineering.
Photo: Greg Grieco

When disaster strikes, they'll be ready

Area police, fire and emergency medical services staff recently took part in an annual practice drill simulating a transportation accident involving a car and truck with a hazardous chemical leak. The University's Pennsylvania Transportation Institute Research Facility near the University Park campus was the host site for the drill, which included a total of 20 local, county and state agencies and University departments. Top photo: A medical team prepares to remove accident "victims." Middle photo: A decontamination station for chemical accidents is readied. Bottom photo: Firefighters cut through the roof of a vehicle.
Photos: Greg Grieco







Laura Knoppers, professor of English, says the period of Britain's Interregnum has much in common with contemporary issues and concerns.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Above: A closeup of the weathervane shows the scale of the project.Below: The newly installed Nittany Lion surveys the campus from atop Beaver Stadium; sculptor Travis Tuck makes some last-minute adjustments and the Nittany Lion weathervane is hoisted to its new perch.
Photos: Greg Grieco